Natal attractions

City globally known as "sun city", something justified by an average temperature of 27ºC throughout the year, Natal is rich in history and culture. I has several museums and monuments such as the "Forte dos Reis Magos", the neighborhood of the Ribeira, (where the city began) in addition to theaters and houses with cultural performances. If you prefer, there are also modern shopping centers for having fun while shopping.

The tourist structure of the town laid around their natural beauties, as the grand hotels of the coastal route which stand among dunes one step far from the sea, are an example of a constant attention toward the ecological consciousness while preserving a rich nature and offering comfort to the visitor.  

The cost of living in Natal is a fraction of what is being used in the U.S. and Europe, which ,added to one of the highest qualities of life, make the city a perfect paradise where the expression “pleasant life” has not lost the essence of its meaning.

The inhabitants of the city incorporate the brazilian's style of life. The joy of life, the human warmth and kindness are the main features of the "potiguar" (local inhabitant), who likes the amusement in the various bars and points of the city, where celebrations at the pace of “axé”, “pagoda”, “samba”, “forró”, “disco”, rock, pop and blues give the eclectic flavor to the nightlife in the city.

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